28 julio 2007

First Go Tournament By Sinciforma

(This is a free translation of spanish announcement)

Because I like this game (Go), I'll organise a Go tournament in DragonGoServer, a web server
for playing by turns (a very relaxing way to play Go). The rules of the tournament are the

1) It is open to players with dragongoserver levels between 30 kyu and 20 kyu. Official
languages will be English and Spanish (but you can also write in Esperanto, if you wish :-)

2) The number of players will be a multiple of 4, from 12 to 16 participants, depending on
the number of players interested (the perfect number is 16). In this moment, we are 4

3) The tournament will be divided in two parts, inspired in the soccer world mundials
system, in order to let all the participant to play several games. The parts are described
in the following paragraphs.

4) In the first part, players will be randomly divided in groups of 4. They will play a
'league'; each player will play against the other three. Each 'match' will consist of 2 or 3
games. In the first game, a player will play with black stones, and in the other, the player
will have the white ones. If a player win both games will win the 'match'; if not, an
aditional game will be played - colour of stones will be assigned randomly. A player who
wins a 'match' in this stage, will earn 1 point. After all the 'matches' of the first part
will finish, the two first players of each group will be classified. In case of draw, will
be classified the player who won their 'matchs' earning more points in the go games.

5) The second part will be an usual tournament. Players will be divided in couples and
winners will pass to the next round. Victory will be decided in a 'match' (two games or

6) The games will be played in 19x19 gobans, and it will exist a komi of 6.5 points. It will not have handicap stones.

7) The offcial websites of the tournament will be this blog (for news) and
http://www.sinciforma.com.es/cgi-bin/detup/index.php?var=introgo.html (for classifications and general information... bilingual section devoted to the tournament is still under construction).

8) I'll watch the games and I'll be the webmaster of the tournament pages. I must be observer of all the games related to the tournament.

9) I'll write another rules, if necessary, during the tournament.

You can join writting a comment in this blog entry, or in the spanish one, or contacting me
in DragonGoServer (my nick is JCuquejo). You need no e-mail address to join, only a free registration in DragonGoServer.

6 comentarios:

Cromwell dijo...

Brilliant! I see you have a bilingual blog :-)


Juan dijo...

:-) Most of players from DragonGoServer speak English, so I thought that it was a good opportunity to practise :-). But my English is not so good.

Cromwell dijo...

Don't you think your level is good enough? For God's sake. I have known you for several years and I know you can express yourself perfectly well in Shakespeare's language :-). Try to be a little bit more optimistc ;-).

I think it is a very good idea of yours to use English on your blog. Many users use that language and they can get your messages in a easier way. I sometimes write in English, not only on my blog but also on Literario, because I also like practising.


Cromwell dijo...

I have forgotten to write "an" instead of "a". As you know, the former article is always used when the following word begins with any letter but a consonant.


thopre dijo...

i would also like to join.


Juan dijo...

Dear Thopre

You are accepted :-). I can not visit your blog because you don't share your profile.

Thank you.