12 noviembre 2007

[Go Tournament] Change in the server, change in the rules and starting

After several problems (flu, a lot of work, a change of server), today, the Go tournament starts. There are two changes:

1) The new official web is: Official web of go tournament.

2) Fourth rule has changed lightly (I use bold text for modified parts):

"In the first part, players will be randomly divided in groups of 4. They will play a 'league'; each player will play against the other three. Each 'match' will consist of 2 or 3 games. In the first game, a player will play with black stones, and in the other, the player will have the white ones. If a player win both games will win the 'match'; if not, an aditional game will be played - colour of stones will be assigned randomly. A player who wins a 'match' in this stage, will earn 1 point. If a player wins both games in a 'match', the player will earn a 'positive' (+1). After all the 'matches' of the first part will finish, the two first players of each group will be classified. In case of draw, it will be classified the player with more 'positives'. If there is still a draw, it will be classified the player who won their 'matches' earning more points in the go games."

Good luck!

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Viuda de Tantamount dijo...

Ya sabia yo...que no podia ser todo tan dulce¡¡

( Vengo de leerte sorprendida en en blog de Mitsui)

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